11 thoughts on “Papal Resignation: From Infallible to Just Some Guy in a Dress

  1. To Sandy ▲ I read this earlier? ? ?

    from by: Tracy Knauss
    “PROTECTOR OF PEDOPHILE PRIESTS — I apologize in advance to my Catholic friends, but this man is vile. Prior to becoming Pope, for a decade Ratzinger served in the Vatican’s department of inquisition where he played a shell game with scores of pedophile priests, sending them to new dioceses where the unsuspecting members wouldn’t know of their dark record, where they had new fruit for the picking.
    “Countless children who trusted their priests only to have their innocence stolen under the worst conditions possible are the result of Ratzinger’s “service” to the church. He was far more concerned with protecting the church’s reputation than the mental, physical and spiritual health of the parishioners. This “man” deserves to rot in hell for all eternity. {Ratzinger (means “from Ratzing (de), Bavaria”) is the surname of: Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Alois Ratzinger, the current Pope, who just announced his resignation.}”


  2. Yes, I believe there is something big behind this….and I wonder whether we will ever know what it is. If only we could see a modern person in this position…not for me, as I am not Catholic, and care not one whit about it, but for my friends and family who are Catholic. They give at least some nodding respect to the office..


  3. I immediately thought something smelled rotten at the Vatican when I heard that Benedict was stepping down. Possibly this is a way to avert a monumental scandal. I feel very cynical about the church and their long history of covering up. I anticipate that whoever succeeds him will not be progressive since everyone on the current college of cardinals is an arch conservative selected by either JP2 or Benedict.


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