8 thoughts on “Same Old, Same Old

  1. I’m relieved that you feel like blogging again. I’ve been a lurker for more than a year. I’ve enjoyed your posts. Your wry sense of humor suits me fine.

    I keep you in my heart. Have courage…


  2. BTW, I’m sad to inform you that I live in Tennessee and our state gummint is in the running for Craziest State in ‘Mericuh. Between legal “gun-carry” in bars and restaurants, a “Dialing for Healthcare Dollars” lottery (lasting two hours just twice a year!), pending legislation to gum up the Voting-works (Hi, ALEC!) and a “gay-hating” quorum in our RED legislature. Two of our finest inbred-cretins-who-rule-our-little-world ran screaming to the Senate Majority Leader to report that a new Muslim foot-washing basin had been installed in a men’s room during the recent refurbishing of our Capital Building. We laughed our tushies off when it was revealed that it was just a mop sink!

    Prepare to surrender your trophy. I won’t be here when it arrives; my husband and I have had enough and are moving to Oregon…


    • I saw that mop sink piece on Juanita Jean’s website (see my blogroll) and I commented that it was there so Republicans could get a high colonic to wash their heads out of their butts. However, I don’t think you can out-crazy Texas. Remember, we’ve got Louie Gohmert and Ted “Carnival” Cruz. ‘Nuff said.


      • I yield. Not even ten Marsha Blackburns could top your Dysfunctional Duo! We’ve given them more than enough rope to hang themselves, a thousand times over. And, still, the GOP will not die! Maybe we should try wooden stakes…

        Just sayin


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