8 thoughts on “Lady Liberty

  1. When did a “social coward” and “cultural artifact” become a “Patriot”? At least, I know that gun ownership is a powerful responsibility, carrying the possibility that I might kill someone sometime. As a result, I choose to brave the world without a loaded pistol. Pardon me for feeling superior, but gun-nuts who can’t sleep or leave the house without a gun are afraid of modern life. And this craven hysteria is like a virus, infecting all those whose minds are fertile breeding grounds. Are some of them former bullies who worry that someday karma will come to collect?

    And I’ll add this, based on my knowledge of human behavior: some of them, as they lay awake at night, fantasize being the Brave Hero “who comes to save the day”. Poster-child: George Zimmerman.

    Sorry for the rant…


  2. Another brand of nut that is so disturbing is the antisocial spree shooter that has become so common since Columbine. What I find absurd is that these social outcasts have incited a rallying cry from the NRA that we need to take up arms to defend against them. To control the proliferation of guns in our society, we need more guns? That type of skewed logic reminds me of some graffiti I once saw in a bathroom stall: fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.


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