Underwear Horoscope by Jenna Marbles

I read about YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles on the NYT website today and thought this video of hers was especially funny.

In it, she predicts what’s going to happen in your life based on what kind of underwear you’re wearing today.

Also, be sure to check out her video of Sarah Palin giving a cooking lesson.

And, her advice for applying makeup for a night out when you’ve already been drinking all day–“Drunk Makeup Tutorial.”

And, the one where she shows you how to apply makeup to trick people into thinking you look good when you really don’t.

Basically, all of her videos.

(According to Jenna, I guess I need to get rid of the underwear pack.  At least I don’t wear the “granny panty.”  Yet.)

10 thoughts on “Underwear Horoscope by Jenna Marbles

  1. Thanks for sharing .. I laughed ’til I cried on some of these. I gotta admit … I’m wearin’ the comfy granny-panties. Gawd, I LUV bein’ old with a whole new set of totally revised priorities!

    I followed your blog about your mama and the “hotel.” It had to have been a really crazy time for you and I love that you handled it with such humor. I’m afraid I handled my mama’s dementia with panic, tears, and a real hard learning curve. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s back in 1994 but I followed your blog for quite awhile (I’m one of those “lurkers” that read but don’t comment … sorry ’bout that!) and I just wanted to say I really appreciated your humor. And I think you and your mom are probably at peace with her passing. To her I would say “Good Journey” and to you… “a job well done!”



    • Thank you, Jeanie! Although, I doubt that I handled my mother’s situation any better than you did. It was a hard learning curve for me too; one that started about thirteen years ago when she first moved to Texas. Having the blog to “vent” in was a real help. I’m glad it gave you some enjoyment, and I’m also glad you decided to leave your lurker status behind. 🙂


  2. Just out of curiosity, having watched the vid three times: am I now supposed to go “commando” in order to have a perfect life? That’s a little rough, what with the Poise and all. D’pads don’t come with the extensions for ,like, hooking up to those belts we used to wear for “our monthlies”! Jeez, I feel old…

    Still, she is outrageously funny. Thanks!



  3. I read the NYT piece, too, about JM. It’s nice that the Old Gray Lady gave her a shout out, and it’s even nicer that it’s a woman that’s a YouTube comedy sensation scoring a billion page views. That’s a hilarious video you posted. I particularly like how her turban gets increasingly shapeless as she talks about each type of underwear. She is an excellent comedian.


    • Ha! They look like it, don’t they? What they are, probably, is what’s called “shapewear.” I do have to cop to having some of those. The spandex helps hold in the jiggly bits. For all intents and purposes, a girdle. (Mine are high-cut on the legs, so I can fool myself into thinking they really aren’t “grannywear.” Um, yeah.)


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