Finally… “I Tried Being Tasteful…” the book!

Well, it was like giving birth to a cannonball, but I finished getting the book edited, proofed and angsted over enough to submit it to for publishing.  So it is “live” for your viewing (and hopefully, buying) pleasure.  The Kindle edition may or may not be coming soon.  I’ve gotten mixed messages from them over content, so it just depends on who reviews it, I guess.  Let’s hope I get someone who wasn’t potty trained too early and tends toward an anal retentive personality.  We’ll see.

Kindle Update:  So I did get an anal retentive for content reviewer and they’re not letting me publish on Kindle because I have one small excerpt from Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem The Land of Counterpane” that was published in 1905.  Consequently, they’re saying that material is “widely available” on the internet, so I can’t include it in my copyright.  I’m assuming that’s what the problem is because they don’t bother to tell you.  Oh, well.  The book’s still available in the old-fashioned way as a hard copy.  Sorry.  😦

Kindle Update 2.0:  I emailed the Kindle folks yesterday and asked them to please let me know what content they were objecting to and I got a reply from a different person this time who included a link to one of my own blog posts.  This person was allowing me to re-submit my book files for consideration, at least.  The last bimbo completely axed it from the site.  So I jumped through some more hoops and we’ll see (again) in a couple of days if I get dispensation for my sin of claiming rights to my own work.  Sheesh.

Kindle Update (Final):  Okay, so now they’ve approved my book for Kindle and it’s live on  Apparently another reviewer felt it did, indeed, meet their guidelines for publishing.  Woo hoo.  No sales of either version yet, but I remain optimistic.  I have big plans for that $1.95 in royalties.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who commented (or lurked and didn’t comment but laughed along with us) on my blog posts “Notes From The Elder Care Underground” which was the heart and soul of this book.

Your kind words and encouragement meant a lot to me.  This one is for you.

thank you

17 thoughts on “Finally… “I Tried Being Tasteful…” the book!

  1. I feel your pain about the Kindle conversion, but speaking from experience, it is doable if you’re prepared to check what’s left of your mind at Amazon’s doorstep. Congratulations on being a published author!


  2. Congratulations! Wishing you loads of success.

    What exactly is the problem with the Stevenson quote? In my book I start each chapter with a quote from literature or a famous person (some are made up) and I didn’t have any problem, although my book is fiction and I checked to see that everything was in the public domain. Hope it gets cleared up.


    • From what I can decipher from their form letter email, something in my book is widely available on the internet so that precludes me from copyrighting my book. I’m guessing because they won’t say specifically what I’m doing wrong. The funny thing is, they DID publish it on Kindle the first time I submitted it and it was only after I tried to fix the format that, upon their review, they came up with this problem. Whatever. It’s not worth the struggle.

      Thanks for the encouragement, though! I’m just thrilled to have a book. Period!


  3. Congratulations on your book! Just a note to let you know that I read it today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had added it to my Amazon wish list, but hadn’t gotten around to ordering it (sorry), but one of my wonderful cousins saw it there and ordered it for my birthday. I read it today and wanted to say “thank you” for writing it.

    I also left a good review for you on Amazon. 🙂


    • Bless your heart, Sharon! Thank you so much for letting me know and for your wonderful review on Amazon. That makes it all worthwhile! I’m glad you enjoyed it and that it reflected your experiences too. This made my day!


  4. Gee the Bible is widely available too, but it is quoted evrywhere on Kindle… something’s not right…are you protesting? I hope so… will be buying the book in the meantime…


  5. Congrats!!! I am close to finishing the editing process on my book, and plan to self publish. I had looked at Amazon, and it seemed hard to make work. Am I wrong, and if so what can you tell me to convince me to try again. I would love to have it published so that Amazon would carry it, but it seemed I needed an actual publisher. Would it be possible to drop me a note as a comment on my blog and I will only read it and not post. I am in need of some help.


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