4 thoughts on “Wendy Davis=My “Shero”

  1. Second verse same as the first. gov. Perry call another special session to cram this abomination up our vaginas. Protest on the south side of the state capitol Monday, July the 1st. We probably cannot win this round but it is important to put the lie to the idea that the majority of Texans support sb5. 80% of Texans DO NOT. The minority intent in imposing it’s will is in the legislature and the governors office. We are way late to the party because even with clear warning signs we were complacent and because of that we are LOSING our hard fought and hard won rights to people who are not pro life but profoundly anti woman. They do not believe that women are fully human and thus do not deserve autonomy. Their policies speak clearly to this. If we do not fight NOW and FIGHT hard this will not be the last rights we will lose. Remember they are trying to block access to birth control and criminalize miscarriage. Remember when the people who tried to warn us were ridiculed and called extremist and paranoid? Yep, who’s paranoid now?


    • Thank you for commenting, pk scott. I’m 66 and I think young women have assumed, wrongly, that these rights which have been there for over 40 years couldn’t be taken away so easily—especially under the guise of “protecting women’s health.”


  2. At 10:00 p.m., Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst told Davis she had strayed from the topic on-hand by talking about mandatory ultrasound testing. People began chanting “Let her speak” and then “Let Her Speak” memes went viral. State Senator Leticia Van de Putte tried to speak, got ignored, and then stood up to say, “At what point must a female Senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized over her male colleagues in the room?” At which point that great line went viral, too!


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