You Can Take Our Tampons, But You Can’t Take Our Freedom…

…Oh, I guess you can.

In case you didn’t hear, they were confiscating women’s feminine hygiene products at the Texas Lege today prior to the abortion bill hearing.   They might be used for nefarious schemes, like lobbing them at the heads of the Republicans who want to devastate women’s health care in Texas.

But, guns are okay.  If you’re a guy and you’re packing heat, that is.

tampon gun

9 thoughts on “You Can Take Our Tampons, But You Can’t Take Our Freedom…

  1. Just when you think they can’t get any more idiotic–they come up with something even more stupid. Wow. The big strong men of Texas, shaking in their cowboy boots over tampons. Can’t stop laughing.


  2. Haven’t you realized that men are totally freaked out by tampons? They can’t handle the entire concept of them. Of course, shoving a wand up there for an ultrasound, that is fine, but they can’t stomach the idea of a wad of compressed paper during “that time of the month”.

    Stupidity never ceases to amaze.


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