Home Again

Today would have been my mother’s 94th birthday.  As some of you long time readers will remember, she passed away suddenly last December a few days before Christmas.

Her final wish was for her ashes to be returned to California and scattered at sea like my father’s were fifteen years ago.

She and my dad lived in a little 1920s house two blocks up a hill from Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach for about 25 years, the happiest years of their lives.

Mom spent the last fourteen years here in Texas near her family.

Here is a photo my son took from his paddleboard about a half mile out, looking back at the beach at the end of my folks’ street.  He told me it was a calm, beautiful morning when he said a few words in remembrance of Granny (Mom) and then scattered her ashes in the sea, reuniting her with my dad once again.

Happy birthday, Mom.  Welcome home.


6 thoughts on “Home Again

    • Ha! He did say she was being difficult up to the end because the drawstring bag carrying her ashes kept flopping from one side to the other on his back as he paddled out from the beach. I told him she always was a backseat driver. 🙂


  1. It is quite obvious that your parents are still with you. Your love for them lives on. How cool that your son was a part of this–I am cracking up at the comment above about your mom being a backseat driver:)


    • Thank you! My son couldn’t be here when his grandmother passed away, so this was his way of having some closure by carrying out her wish. Actually, my mother was more of a front seat driver (passenger side.) I can’t tell you how many turns I missed because she was distracting me by pointing out something I had to look at right away. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂


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