Dogs Have Masters, Cats Have Staff

From the “Things We’ve Always Known But Refused To Believe” files:

Excerpt from New York Magazine:

“A new study from the University of Tokyo found that when researchers played voice recordings of a cat’s name being called by its owner, the feline subject displayed recognition, i.e., reacting to the familiar voice by “moving their heads and ears to locate the sound,” but then remained totally unresponsive — they didn’t meow or move toward the voice or anything. They just sat there, withholding love.

The study, published in the journal of Animal Cognition, reasons that cats haven’t been domesticated to respond to human command. But we know the heartbreaking truth: Love your cat, love it well, but never expect it to really care about you unless you put it on one of those weird harness leashes and force it to be more like a dog.”




5 thoughts on “Dogs Have Masters, Cats Have Staff

  1. I’ve always felt a cat owns you rather than the other way around. It only seems to be loyal to whoever feeds it and gives it a warm place to curl up and sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I like cats, but prefer dogs. Loved this post though. I’d heard it as ‘servants’ rather than staff.


  2. As I type this, my cat is sitting in my recliner, with my heating pad on. I “rescued” a cat that definately knows a push over when she sees one.


  3. I have 3 cats, one always comes when I call his name, one takes a message and gets back to me in a few minutes and the third just looks at me. To be fair, the third one is my husband’s cat and we haven’t had her long yet.


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