A Special Request…

If you’d like to do something especially nice for someone this holiday season, please visit this website and think about making a donation of any amount to this family.  Thanks.


Emberlyn Berardi’s family & friends are uniting to raise money to help with her medical expenses from a brain injury.

Emberlyn Jane was a very happy, loving, full of life four month old who had eyes that could make anyone melt. Her life was forever changed when she was involved in a horrible accident on November 22, 2013. This resulted in a subdural hematoma as well as a stroke in her brain. Secondary to this she suffered from seizures and brain swelling for several days. Eventually, the neurosurgeon did surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. She is currently in the PICU receiving treatment for her injuries. She has proven she has no plans for giving up and has exceeded all of the doctors expectations. Following treatment in the hospital she will need many years of physical and occupational therapy to obtain the best possible outcome. With your help, support and prayers, she will continue to amaze us all.


6 thoughts on “A Special Request…

  1. Thanks, daisyfae! She’s the child of a local family here and I’ve been following her progress on her mom’s Facebook posts. It was touch and go there for several days, but Emberlyn hung on and now will be faced with lifelong disabilities. As her mother said, cherish every second because your life could be changed in an instant.


  2. For anyone that might be reluctant to donate. Checked out the site for donations and it is very highly rated and safe. Sending donation and my prayers for this little angel.


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