15 thoughts on “Shock! Pat Robertson Disses Creationism

  1. the bible doesn’t indicate when the earth was created only the stages life was created on it, and it only mentions kinds it doesn’t say how long a day is either, moses wrote about this in psalms 90. it doesn’t define the day or what kinds were there, just each according to its kind, kinds are not species, but a general description that can have a wide range of variations. it also shows how the creative days progressed and even calls all the creative days together as a day. so to learn the bible you must understand the dictionary or language of it. Jehovahs thoughts are higher then our thoughts his ways then ours he told the isrealites in isiaiah 55:8 I believe. at least this guy was willing to acknowledge that maybe they do not understand the bible fully. it is a learning process, even the bible says the light gets brighter and brighter until the dawn ascends in proverbs, 4:18, so knowledge takes time to learn and connect the dots and get all the pieces of the puzzle together to see the picture fully. I do question the dating of when dinos lived however since I just read in the Smithsonian earth book that any time past 50,000 years is not accurate (paraphrasing it) they have no way to know past 50,000 years how old the fossils really are. it is nice they admit it.I do appreciate an honest scientist.


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  3. Wow! Common sense! That is truly amazing. Perhaps there is a bit of hope for the world after all. If this guy can speak to the religious right and tell them that evolution and religion are not mutually exclusive, it may result in there being some common ground on other contentious issues. Thanks for sharing this. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.


  4. These are crazy times, indeed! i saw this link in my facebook feed and IMMEDIATELY thought it must be from The Onion! Perhaps the old guard is trying to reclaim the middle ground, and set the tea partying, whack nut, so-called “christians” adrift? i wouldn’t be sorry to see them go off on an ice floe into the perpetually icy cold artic waters (becuase they deny climate change, too).


  5. Ya know, Cornwall, Ontario (pop. 46,000 or so, and our closest “city”) has a creationism museum run by a whackjob pastor. My friend knew someone that worked there all summer while a student. They had NO visitors, which, I think, is a credit to Cornwall!!


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