Wasabi-flavored Kit Kat Bars and Doughnuts

There was an article in The New York Times today entitled,

“You Probably Don’t Want to Look in the Crisper.”  

It features eleven of New York’s top chefs and what the insides of their refrigerators look like.  Whether you’re a “foodie” or not, it’s worth a read:  click here.

Here’s my cartoon of what Julia Child might have secretly kept in her fridge.



10 thoughts on “Wasabi-flavored Kit Kat Bars and Doughnuts

  1. I’m glad you included that NYT link. That was a fun article. Apparently the brand of non-fat milk I drink, Organic Valley, is also a big hit with hipster chefs. As for your cartoon, I half expect JC to haunt you in your dreams just to beat you with beef bourguignon.


  2. Ha! i’m not a foodie/hipster! Most everything in my fridge relates to booze! Simple syrups, lime juice, lemon juice, cranberry juice… maraschino cherries and blue cheese stuffed olives. Oh, and some partially liquefied lettuce in the crisper. NEVER look in the crisper!


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