7 thoughts on “And “A” is for…

  1. I looked at this the other day and tried to leave a comment, but WordPress had no idea who I was and wouldn’t let me in. I was trying to tell you that the slim hips, small waist, tiny wrists. . . why, that’s me! (Maybe that’s why WordPress wouldn’t let me in–cause I was lying through my teeth. Okay, add some arm flab, give her a bustle (on my body it’s known as a butt) and add another foot to the waist. . . .

    Happy Mother’s Day, O Talented One!


    • Thank you, and the same to you, too! (I have the tiny wrists, but that’s where the similarity ends.) I look at this as a vintage version of photoshop. Don’t like your proportions? Well, just shave a little off the offending parts of the silhouette. Voila! Kim Kardashian!


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