This is a photo I tinkered with in the Paper Artist app on my Galaxy smartphone.  It’s the Morning Glory growing on our fence in the backyard.  I love how the vine looks like hair cascading around the metal sun face mounted to the wood.

So, of course, I’ve had the lyrics to the 60’s show “Hair” floating through my brain.  I actually saw the West Coast production at the Aquarius Theater in Los Angeles, probably some time around 1967-68.  Groovy, man.  And they did come out into the audience, as in this video.  But we weren’t as “Tony” as this crowd.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Hair

  1. Love the morning glories. My daughter’s send me pictures taken with their phones.
    My phone is one step up from two paper cups and a string .


  2. Those vines do look like hair! Good eye. Like you, my boss saw “Hair” when it was first staged (here in NYC). Five years ago, she and I attended the Broadway revival together. It was exuberant and the cast members interacted a lot with the audience. Fortunately, they picked up on the vibe that neither of us was into that. We were definitely too fartish for the revival. Now, my boss is psyched that Larry David is coming to Broadway next year.


  3. The vines look wonderful! Do you have the original photo as well? It would be fun to compare the before and after your adjustments.
    I was in my teens the first time around for “Hair”. Gotta say, curmudgeon that I may be, that I like the original version of the song better than the updated one.


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