Ladybug Haiku


I was at the park yesterday, walking my little long-haired Chihuahua, Kelso, when I spied this ladybug.  It had found shelter in a crevice in a stone block that makes up part of the wall surrounding the park.  For our part of Texas, we’ve had a pretty cold winter (yeah, I hear you folks in the Northeast laughing) and some insects, like the ladybugs, will seek out any little spot they can find to help them over-winter until warmer weather comes along.

I thought she looked so snug that she deserved her own Haiku to commemorate her determination.

Ladybug holds tight

Winter shakes her head and laughs

Spring waits patiently.

5 thoughts on “Ladybug Haiku

  1. We call them Ladybirds in the UK, and when we first started our veg patch, they were very few and far between in our garden to keep the aphids down on our young shoots. Armed with an empty matchbox, we walked the dog along hedgerows where we knew ladybirds were in abundance, and collected about 2 dozen to bring home. They thrived, as did our vegetables!

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  2. Dare we hope that spring is on the way. Our great lakes still have tons of ice and the coast guard is ice breaking paths for the cargo ships to get through. The Soo locks are soon to be open. Coldest February on record here in Northern Michigan. Love to see a lady bug here.

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  3. Love the haiku! I saw you got SNOW in Texas! That’s not right. And here, we have those damn Asian ladybugs farmers put on fields to control aphids. THey like to overwinter in our houses. Which reminds me, time to vacuum dead ladybugs out of all my light fixtures!

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