Kiss Me, I’m 18% Irish!

Several months ago, I popped for a DNA ethnicity test kit from  Because I’m basically a cheap person, not trashy cheap, but fiscally, I waited until the cost had gone below $100 to do it.  I think it was money well-spent.  I thought I knew where many of my ancestors had come from, but it still was a bit of a surprise when I got the results.

It turns out I’m quite the mish-mash of “European-ness.”

25% Western Europe—which mainly translates into France, a whole lotta Dutch, and Germany.

21% Finnish/Western Russia—this was a shock because my maternal great-grandparents emigrated from Norway.  I did some research and found that, ethnically anyway, they were related to Finns who had migrated across Sweden because of their “slash and burn” agricultural style, finally coming to rest in the Hedmark region of Norway near the Swedish border in the early 1600’s.  Could have knocked me over with a feather.

18% Irish—I’m still researching this one.  I’ve found a few ancestors from Ireland, but the jury is still out.

12% Great Britain—This includes ancestors from Wales and a few from Scotland.

12% Scandinavia—A lot of people who have British DNA also have some from Scandinavia.  It appears that the plundering Vikings also liked to settle down and start families after a long day of rampaging and pillaging.

10% Iberian Peninsula—This is the real head-scratcher.  This area could also incorporate parts of France, besides just Spain and Portugal, so that would make sense in my genealogical paper trail.  At any rate, I say “Olé!”

And then there are trace amounts (1%) each of Eastern Europe and Italy/Greece.


This whole thing re-energized me in my ancestor research and resulted in finding out I had many Dutch ancestors who were the first settlers of New Amsterdam, which is now New York City.  There even was an on-going lawsuit for years by descendants of one of those families (of Anneke Jans) who claimed they were the true owners of Manhattan and wanted restitution for what was rightfully theirs.  The judges in the case said there were too many people involved (millions of descendants) to render any kind of do-able compensation and the matter was dropped.

Gee, I had my heart set on moving into The Plaza.



4 thoughts on “Kiss Me, I’m 18% Irish!

  1. Very interesting. My sister has researched our family and her husband’s family. She has been so successful people keep asking her to do their families. Think I’ll try to get her to join me, and have our DNA checked out. You have inspired me.

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  2. My husband is a geneology maniac! He’s been doing the research since before it was the “in” thing to do – like for 20 years. The past few years, he’s had everybody in our family spit into tubes… I’m sure he’s sunk about $1000 in it. No really surprises although I did find out after thinking I had no Irish in me that I’m like 7% Celtic (which could mean most anything but I’m claiming Ireland!) I’m telling you, those Norsemen (and women) were one busy, warring, procreating bunch of folks!

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