15 thoughts on “I Ask You, Can We Look Any Dumber in Texas?

  1. Well, we in MN had Michelle Bachmann. Now all of the crazies are livin’ in your state. I keep waiting to hear that TX has seceded. I will give you a chance to get out, but then all bets are off.
    Believe me, there are people buying into the crazy stuff here, too, unfortunately.

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  2. I heard about this on NPR and couldn’t believe it. I posted it on FB saying I was speechless and a cousin of mine in Pennsylvania started ranting at me about how it WAS a conspiracy against Texas. It seems the Cray Crays are everywhere!

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  3. It is rather sad, isn’t it? I have lived in Texas all of my life but some of the pride has been tarnished and I am too old to move away! I have enjoyed exploring your blog. We might as well just laugh at the antics of some in our state! Where is Ann Richards when we need her?

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