I Just Laughed and Laughed…

I saw this in a comment on Franklin Graham’s Facebook page.  You remember Franklin.  He’s the son of the Rev. Billy Graham and the one who, when Katie Couric practically begged him to say something comforting when he appeared on TV on the dark day after 9/11, said that he hoped the people in those doomed towers had gotten “right with God” beforehand, or else…you know…they were going to the hot, burny place down below.  I despise that man.  But I loved this.



5 thoughts on “I Just Laughed and Laughed…

  1. I got “black balled” by Jehovah’s Witnesses for quoting some of the brilliant lines from “A letter to Dr. Laura”. Asked the same questions.
    I highly recommend this tactic when faced with people like Franklin Graham.

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