Ben Carson Thinks Women Are Only Baby Containers

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is dismissing the notion that there is a “war on women,” saying the real war is on “what’s inside of women.”

“They tell you that there’s a war on women,” Carson said at a rally in Little Rock, Ark. on Thursday.

“There is no war on women – there may be a war on what’s inside of women, but there is no war on women in this country,” he continued, referring to abortion.

Well, there you have it, straight from the horse’s patootie.

Women count only as brood mares.  [facepalm]


12 thoughts on “Ben Carson Thinks Women Are Only Baby Containers

  1. I wonder how men would react if they got pregnant. Of course they would use the same excuse that right to life women use when asking for an abortion (and some do).
    “But this is different”. My case is different.

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  2. If men could have children, we’d have about 100 people in the world. They would all opt for abortions to avoid childbirth. Women have a strength that men can only dream of.

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    • You got that right. When I was a dental hygienist, it was the little old ladies who were the calmest in the chair. Nothing fazed them. It was the big macho guys who were sweating bullets even before anything was done to them, by me or the dentist.


  3. Western society is in a state of confusion, especially regarding women. Even the old Bible is clearer as it clearly defines how the family is the cornerstone of society and the men work and protect the women while the women run the house and basically the economy.

    It might sound silly but stop selling magazines with pictures of women and men, especially fashion. Connect every statement to name, gender and current profession including father/motherhood. Try this for a week and then speak to people.

    Society has poisoned itself with media, models and ideals and then some idiot politician comes around to say that fertility is important. Biologists know that and teach it every day.

    Motherhood deserves more respect, paid leave for fathers and mothers is vital and employers should cherish their parent employees. If children are the future then give them a good start at life and respect the mother.


  4. I don’t think he is saying that women are baby containers. I think he is saying that life is beautiful and destroying that life adds insult to injury. I think that these centers are just taking advantage of women who are in crisis. You are facing something that you don’t know how you are ever going to get through. ..that is really, really hard to face. You are distraught and this is their ability to make a buck. I’ve known warm wonderful women who have had abortions because an unplanned pregnancy can be fraught with fears and worries of all sorts related to finances, shame, embarassment, acceptance, fear of the future, a disruption of plans, a lack of support — if these centers cared so much about women they’d care about the driving motivation – not necessarily just getting rid of your baby. The support, the fear, worry – exactly what do they address? Do they care really? They just take your money or the insurance’s money, tell you it ain’t nothing, see they got rid of the problem, go on your merry way — then they bank the cash and pat themselves on the back for what “good” they are doing. That’s some strange kind of love. And the women – walk away with this dirty secret, this guilt – that they have to explain away by denigrating the value of that life – just a piece of tissue – when it wasn’t. It was beautiful…..regardless of the circumstances. The pro-lifers aren’t as harsh as you think and don’t count them off. Those Christians may be the ones that will support you, hold your hand through the terrible circumstances, make sure you have electricity and hot water and clothing, counseling and whatever — not just to save the fruit of your womb as some kind of baby container, not to put you down…but to lift you up and give you the necessary love and support you need during a very difficult time because in the end you are going to love that child even though the road looks dark and this wasn’t how it was supposed to be. I remember crying in the doctor’s office when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter – the relationship wasn’t good, the finances weren’t good and I didn’t know how it was going to work. They told me – you don’t have to have this baby. I didn’t do it. I did get through it and it took years and it wasn’t easy. Still, I wouldn’t give her up for anything so strong is that love. But I also understand the circumstances my other friends faced and I wish I was mature enough at those times to help them get through their difficult time to point them in the right direction instead of helping them make such a sad choice for someone else’s profit. It isn’t love, it isn’t help, it isn’t safety, and there is nothing you can do, even an abortion, to really make it go away, even if they tell themselves that…the baby was real and needs to be grieved. And I don’t judge my friends, but I think it was best that the “choice”not be there. I remember them ripping pro-life materials out of my friend’s hand telling her not to read that. Did they care she made the best choice for herself, really? Did they ask about the situation? She was so young, so lost, so fearful — they took advantage. It would be best for men (to be responsible for their sexual’re not their sex toy), women (to value themselves and their reproduction more and to be more selective and to wait until marriage), society (to value life and support women through crisis). The evil before — the judgementalism, the pointing and calling her a bad girl, the boys will be boys and it’s the girl that screwed up — all that stuff was an evil of a time past, and it wasn’t true Christianity and it never was loving one another as Christ loves us, whether the accuser said they were Christian or not. However, unfortunately, these abortion centers are an evil of a time present and they are not the savior to women that they purport themselves to be, whether they believe it of themselves or not — and they are not stripping women of some valueless substance standing in their way…they are stripping away something precious and innocent that we all need to value more. We all fall short, we all sin – but we can’t start calling something that is wrong right to make up for it.


    • I’m glad it worked out well for you to go through with your pregnancy, but you have to remember that not every woman (or girl) has the same situation you did.

      Abortion clinics are not an “evil of a time present.” Abortion has ALWAYS been available, if you had the money and you could travel to Mexico to get one or find a “back alley” doctor who would do it for you. Back before Roe v. Wade, I had friends who did that, at great risk to their lives. One friend, a brilliant student and the eldest of three daughters, told me twenty years later that she had so many parental expectations riding on her shoulders that she chose to risk dying in the procedure rather than come home and tell her parents she was pregnant. When I was interning at the dental clinic at USC in California, we visited the anatomy lab, where I witnessed the dissection of the torso of a young woman. She had killed herself at age 23 because she was three months pregnant and felt she couldn’t tell her family. Would her family have kicked her out, baby and all, as she feared? Perhaps. It happens. What I’m trying to say is, the clinics fill a need that most of us can never imagine.

      What gets my goat about Carson’s statement, and those of other GOP candidates, is that women are being looked at as only “vessels” and THEIR lives aren’t important. I wish the GOP would care as much about children after they’re born as they seem to when they are fetuses. Not allowing exceptions to anti-abortion laws for rape and incest is just the highest form of patriarchal distain for women I can think of. As a previous commenter said, if men could get pregnant the world would have about 100 people.

      And I want to emphasize, you DID have the option of choice—to continue the pregnancy or not. And yet, you want to take that away from other women who may have very different circumstances from yours or your friends. Pregnancy is not a one-size-fits-all experience and I would never take it upon myself to equate my experiences with what some other, perhaps abused or destitute, woman has to deal with in her life.

      And, on a personal note, I was an unmarried, pregnant teenager prior to Roe v. Wade.

      Thank you for your comment.

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      • And as an aside here, not everyone is a Christian. But the folks who stand outside abortion clinics yelling at the women who are trying to enter purport to be just that. Then they go home and “pat themselves on the back” for stopping some woman (whom they don’t know personally) from getting an abortion. Must make them proud.


  5. Putting aside abortion even though that was Dr. Carson’s sole focus there is still a “war on women” in another sense. It can be hard to grasp the concept of privilege, especially when, as a man, Dr. Carson benefits from it, but gender bias is alive and well, and there are a lot of men intent on keeping it that way.
    And there are plenty who are simply oblivious. Consider the recent demonstrations at fraternity houses on college campuses and the men who defended signs like “Freshman daughter drop off” as just harmless jokes without regard for the underlying message such statements promote.
    Of course it’s a lot harder to score cheap political points just talking about gender bias.

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  6. If you get rid of the baby, then you think … oh I saved myself. It would have been horrible. But you will never know the reality. It’s easy to say in retrospect that it was a good decision. But, I don’t know many women who say boy, having that child was a total mistake, boy did it screw up my life. I hate that child they forced me to have. I wish they would die. They don’t. You don’t hear it because when you face the shame you get through it and you love your child. The ones that do say that type of terrible thing to children are just terribly damaged people – not people who actually women who regret not having an abortion. Terribly damaged people: those who abuse children though abortion was readily available to them. Unfortunately, abortion never got rid of those abusive parents. This choice for abortion just shouldn’t be out there. It’s a fear and shame based decision for most. Shame …. I didn’t know the father.. he doesn’t love me and won’t support me …what will my parents think, my friends.. I’ll have to tell everyone that I didn’t even know who that man was that fathered my child …a friend’s boyfriend or husband …the gigolo down the street .. a one night stand… my parent’s will be so disappointed in me, everyone will KNOW what I did, who I am, etc. This is most of the abortions. There are outliers. But these are most of them. The secrecy is not to save them from abuse. The secrecy is to save them from fear, shame and embarassment that most of don’t want to face which is wretched and hard. That is why they get suicidal or depressed. Support is needed through this. Lots of support and love. A change in behavior afterward is needed also…towards self love. For the minority who are raped and facing real abuse, or have prenatal health issues, we need other avenues of support. If you are hating on men because they can screw around and not get pregnant…get over it….go get your tubes tied or your uterus removed then. Learn to love your biology. There are limitations on our biology that require us to be more selective of our partners but definite joys as well, the joy of nurturing and loving a child…far outweighs our ability to go out and screw indiscriminately. What I want, and I think what most women want, is not a score card of conquests that will go down in infamy but a man who will love and commit to me. We often get broken men, broken marriages, but why sell ourselves short. A baby is a gift.


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