And There You Go Again

Excerpt from an interview on with Michael Reagan, former President Reagan’s son:

I spoke at an event in West Palm Beach two years ago. There were 400 conservatives in the room, and I said to them, ‘You know when Ronald Reagan was president, this party was a much more inclusive party.’ For example, you can’t walk across this country and not talk to a Hispanic who doesn’t love Ronald Reagan. But you can ask that same Hispanic what they think of the Republican Party and they just stare at you. Our message is coming out through talk radio, so all they hear is ‘get the hell out of my country.’ Nobody else in the party is saying anything else. They’re afraid to because they don’t want to be referred to as a RINO or get thrown off the bus the next day. So I said to the people in the room, ‘I don’t think you understand how exclusive you’ve become.’ I then invited all the blacks and Hispanics in the room to please now rise, and they all looked at each other. I said, ‘Do you notice the only blacks and Hispanics standing are serving you breakfast? Have you ever thought about having them at the table instead of them serving the table?’ And this is a real problem in the party: you can’t go to a group every two years and say ‘we love you.’


3 thoughts on “And There You Go Again

  1. It is shameful to see what the Republican party has become. The tea party has high jacked
    the party. What is really insane the TP’s call themselves Christian.
    As I re read this I realized that that TP also stands for toilet paper.


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