2 thoughts on “Late Night Snark

  1. Aside from the prejudice that, if a kid’s a Muslim or brown, he must be up to no good, another thing makes me sad. That English teacher who sounded the alarm, she has had Ahmed in her class on a daily basis since the first or second week of August. Why does she know so little about him? Why didn’t she know he’s a smart kid interested in STEM? The kid was wearing a NASA t-shirt the day they arrested him, for crying out loud.

    What the hell has this teacher been doing so far this school year?

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    • I would like to know why the science teacher who Ahmed first showed his clock to wasn’t brought in to corroborate his claim that it was just a clock and not a bomb. I understand that schools have to be extra careful nowadays, but taking the kid out in handcuffs, when they could clearly see what he intended? Somehow I think Jimmy Anglo wouldn’t have been subjected to that treatment.


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