So, It Seems The Pope Was Set Up

From Charles P. Pierce at Esquire:

Can somebody please get a decent spin doctor to the Vatican press office immediately?

“The pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis, and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects,” the Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, said in a statement released on Friday morning.

​It’s increasingly apparent that Papa Francesco got played here, which is what somebody from the Vatican Press Office should have said right from jump. I think it’s also time that Archbishop Carlo Vigano, the papal nuncio to the United States, be summoned back to Rome to be knuckled, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, either. He and the lawyer for faith-based goldbricker Kim Davis, the extremely greasy Mat Staver, whom Vigano joined at an anti-marriage-equality march last Spring, pretty plainly are behind this bag job.

In a phone interview on Friday, Mr. Staver said the meeting had been called by the Vatican. Mr. Staver said the request had come on Sept. 14, the day Ms. Davis returned to work after her release from jail. At the Vatican on Friday, a spokesman, the Rev. Thomas Rosica, said the invitation had been extended by the office of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the nuncio, or envoy, in Washington, not from Rome. Who brought her in? “The nuncio,” said Father Rosica, who is working with the Vatican’s media office in advance of a major meeting of bishops that begins this weekend. “The Nunciature was able to bring in donors, benefactors.”

​The Vatican should have been all over this as soon as the story broke. The delay in responding to what is plainly now some high-level clerical ratfcking makes the Vatican’s most recent explanations vulnerable to attacks that it is doing some cassock-covering here. And that’s unfortunate, because Davis and her lawyers should be read out of the ranks of decent people for manipulating this situation to her cheap advantage. I have no illusions about the pope’s view on marriage equality, but he seems more willing than his predecessors to leave the issue to the civil authorities, and to the individual informed consciences of gay Catholics and their confessors. That may be as far as we can expect him to go. I think Kim Davis, and her most recent husband, and her dingy legal team are lucky the Church doesn’t have dungeons any more. What a creepy bunch.



5 thoughts on “So, It Seems The Pope Was Set Up

  1. I noticed that there’s been a tremendous amount of pontifical backpeddaling ever since this meeting was “outed”. Interesting to think that Francis was set up. I also noticed that the Vatican is now crowing about the Holy Father holding a private meeting with a gay friend to counterbalance his jawboning with the enemy.

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  2. While I’m glad the Vatican has finally, after a baffling delay, come out with the facts, I’m actually taking more pleasure in yet another example of what we’ve known all along: Davis is a liar who’ll say anything to make herself look good.
    She can talk about her faith all she wants but which is the greater sin: signing a civil marriage license for complete strangers or completely fabricating a story for purposes of self-aggrandizement?

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