My Other Cat Demands Equal Time

Our sole remaining cat, Culvey, found out about the tribute I posted to TLC the other day and he’s demanding equal time. So here’s a sketch I did of him today. It took me a bit longer than the 15 minutes the last one did—more like 45—but I think he approves of the outcome. I hope you do too.  🙂

Culvey sketch2


9 thoughts on “My Other Cat Demands Equal Time

  1. Really cute. I love that face. You do realize that Kelso may be hiring an attorney. You’d better keep your art supplies out.

    As usual, you have outdone yourself with your header. It’s great!

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    • Well, I think he’s next in line for a portrait, so he can call off the attorney. 🙂

      These headers are from old Halloween postcards that were on a CD of images I got several years ago.

      Hey, it’s almost time for my annual “Michelle Bachmann Halloween Cartoon” too! This year she topped herself by saying the floods in the Carolinas are God’s wrath for the deal with Iran. I knew it would be just a matter of time before one of the nutcases like her or Pat Robertson weighed in on God’s reasoning for the destruction.


    • No. He does it very loudly. It wakes me out of a sound sleep and I have to rush into the living room to make sure he hasn’t done it on the Persian-style rug, which is the only one in the house where an unattended hairball will leave a stain. We have tile floors, but nine out of ten times he insists on yacking on that one rug.

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      • OMG! That is so true – these darn cats will hurl those hairballs on any surface but the tile floor!
        Hmmmm… maybe Michelle and Sarah need to hurl up a few themselves!


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