4 thoughts on “My Kind of Grim Reaper

  1. In my former home, we got very few trick or treaters… so i gave out full sized candy bars. There was one group of teenagers that came by every year – i instructed them to come back at 8:05pm, just after beggar’s night was over… and they got ALL of the leftovers.

    Never once got toilet papered, egged, or pumpkin abuse… worth the investment!

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  2. Best part: Margaret could say, “Oh, now you look too old to be trick-or-treating,” but she doesn’t. She just dumps a big handful of full-size bars in the Grim Reaper’s hands.
    Every neighborhood should have a house like that.

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    • I went trick or treating for the last time when I was about 14. I looked like I was 9. However my best friend who was with me had already, shall we say, “developed.” At one house the man who opened the door gave me my candy right away. Then he looked her up and down and said “What do you want? A cigarette?” Ouch.

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