7 thoughts on “Yeah, That Should Do It

  1. With all the problems facing us today, Trump tries to rally the ignorant among us that the color of a cup is the biggest problem we face.
    Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of idiots that will buy into this garbage.

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    • I get soooo tired of all this “War on Christmas” crap we have to put up with every year. Around here, you cannot get away from Christmas if you tried. It’s ubiquitous. To say it’s under assault is just ridiculous. Frankly, it takes some of the fun out of it for me. It makes me want to say “Happy Holidays” to people just out of sheer orneriness.

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  2. I’d be happy if the people who insist on saying “Merry Christmas” wouldn’t get upset at me for saying “Happy Hanukkah”. It’s not like the two holidays even overlap, although I might have a latke or two on the 25th of December.

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  3. Oh my God, so many bumper stickers here in Texas, “Keep the Christ in Christmas” but also “Secede,” make me want to pull the driver out through the side window, shake him and say, “Really? Really? Let’s review whether this makes any sense at all.”

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    • Yes, those bumper stickers (both of them) are all over the place here in Fredericksburg. It’s especially galling when the “Secede” one is on a truck (it’s always a truck) driven by some old coot. Doesn’t he realize that he will no longer have Social Security and Medicare if we secede? Probably hasn’t thought that one through yet.


  4. Nope. That cup wouldn’t offend anybody! Except racists, homophobes, Republicans, rabid Christians, … oh, yeah.

    This just gets me. As if there were no bigger problems in the world than the colors on a cup!

    Wait, I sound like I disagree with you. I don’t. I do. Agree. Now I’m getting confused.

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