Gobble Gobble, Y’all

I’ll be having Thanksgiving at my daughter’s, so the only turkey gracing my dining room table is this one.


It’s actually a hat I got at Walmart that I stretched over a ball belonging to my granddaughter. When you wear it as a hat, the legs hang down on either side of your face. Not as ridiculous as Donald Trump’s combover, but close.

3 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble, Y’all

    • Ha! My grandson wore it on Halloween. He didn’t want to wear a costume so I plunked it on his head and he was good to go for probably his last trick-or-treating foray because he’s fourteen and thinks he’s too old. Oh noes, they’re growing up too fast! 😦


  1. Think of The Donald’s combover with the turkey hat sitting on it! Or visa versa. Now that’ll keep you up at night!

    I keep trying to get out of Thanksgiving but it hasn’t worked for 33 years… We’re even leaving town for a 2 week vacation on Turkey Day so I was SURE I wouldn’t have to make dinner! Guess what? I ended up making Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at the instance of my fans. WTF??

    B-U-F-F-E-T….such a beautiful word!

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