The Enduring Wisdom of Molly Ivins

From the Daily Kos:

“There is more hooey spread about the Second Amendment. It says quite clearly that guns are for those who form part of a well-regulated militia, i.e., the armed forces including the National Guard. The reasons for keeping them away from everyone else get clearer by the day.

Mass shooting safety sign

The comparison most often used is that of the automobile, another lethal object that is regularly used to wreak great carnage. Obviously, this society is full of people who haven’t got enough common sense to use an automobile properly. But we haven’t outlawed cars yet.

We do, however, license them and their owners, restrict their use to presumably sane and sober adults and keep track of who sells them to whom. At a minimum, we should do the same with guns.

In truth, there is no rational argument for guns in this society. This is no longer a frontier nation in which people hunt their own food. It is a crowded, overwhelmingly urban country in which letting people have access to guns is a continuing disaster. Those who want guns—whether for target shooting, hunting or potting rattlesnakes (get a hoe)—should be subject to the same restrictions placed on gun owners in England—a nation in which liberty has survived nicely without an armed populace.

The argument that “guns don’t kill people” is patent nonsense. Anyone who has ever worked in a cop shop knows how many family arguments end in murder because there was a gun in the house. Did the gun kill someone? No. But if there had been no gun, no one would have died. At least not without a good footrace first. Guns do kill. Unlike cars, that is all they do.

For years, I used to enjoy taunting my gun-nut friends about their psycho-sexual hang-ups—always in a spirit of good cheer, you understand. But letting the noisy minority in the National Rifle Association force us to allow this carnage to continue is just plain insane.”

—Molly Ivins, 1993.  Twenty-two years later, the insanity continues.

6 thoughts on “The Enduring Wisdom of Molly Ivins

  1. The gutless politicians who will not address this issue hide behind locked doors with guards in the capitol while bowing to the NRA and gun lobby.
    Meanwhile we the people have to worry when we go to church, school etc.

    No one is trying to take away legitimate gun ownership. Just keep guns out of the hands of nut cases and terrorists.

    Until the politicians and the NRA bosses are hit with bullets themselves they will continue to
    push for arming anyone and everyone.

    Don’t the producers of guns have enough wars to keep them in business?
    My family hunts. We do not own automatic weapons made for killing masses of people in the shortest time.

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  2. And lest we hear from those who say there’s no evidence that restrictions on guns do any good let’s not forget the Dickey Amendment, a twenty-year old law that prevents the government from funding research that would shed light on the efficacy of stricter gun laws.
    It’s not impossible to fund a major research study without government help but it is very difficult.

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  3. The Senate rejected a measure from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) to expand background checks for guns purchased online and at gun shows on a 48 to 50 vote and an amendment from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to prevent people on the terror watch list from purchasing firearms on a 45 to 54 vote.

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