17 thoughts on “Father of the Year–Texas Style

  1. Whoa, pardner! Did you take that photograph? Isn’t that an assault rifle? That is so disturbing to be allowed to carry one in a sandwich shop — or anywhere. As Milton would say, “You fire that thing at a deer, all you’d have left is antlers.”

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    • This is from an article on The New York Times website. These were a bunch of “patriots” celebrating Open Carry on the capitol steps who then went for lunch at a Subway that would allow them in with their weapons.

      My son-in-law is a police officer and he says this just complicates things for them even more. These yahoos wanted the law to deny police the ability to ask for gun permits to be shown if requested, but fortunately that was stripped from the bill before it was passed. And now, as if open carry isn’t enough, they are going to push for “Constitutional Carry,” meaning anyone, licensed or not, can openly carry whatever the hell weapon they want, where ever they want because “free-dumb.”

      All this says to me is that there are a hell of a lot of guys around who are trying to compensate for small penises.


  2. Weapons and potential violence? No big deal. Public conversations about sex, equality, health and intellectual topics skip that…

    The Netherlands are adopting this attitude too. I fear the side-effects.

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  3. An argument I keep hearing from gun advocates is that people should be allowed to carry their guns everywhere because they sometimes forget they’re carrying a gun.
    I think if you ever forget you’re carrying a gun you shouldn’t be allowed near one…especially if you’re this guy who’s obviously clueless about where his gun is pointing.

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