How Many Babies Have You Had, Father Pavone?

From CNN regarding the Zika crisis:

In December, authorities in Brazil urged women not to get pregnant. Then last month came the warning from Colombia to delay pregnancy until July. Then in an interview, a health official in El Salvador recommended that women “try to avoid getting pregnant this year and the next.”

Does this mean couples in these largely Catholic countries should abstain from sex for two years? Or should they use so-called “natural family planning”? The method, which involves a woman monitoring her basal body temperature and vaginal secretions to avoid having sex at fertile times of the month, has a 25% failure rate, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Or, because of Zika, should couples use more effective methods of birth control?

So far, the church hierarchy has remained silent on these questions.

The Catholic catechism states that besides “natural family planning,” anything else that works to “‘render procreation impossible’ is intrinsically evil.”

The Rev. Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, said that means birth control is wrong no matter what. “That prohibition doesn’t change based on circumstances,” he said. “So couples have a responsibility to live according to the church’s teachings in whatever circumstances they find themselves.”


6 thoughts on “How Many Babies Have You Had, Father Pavone?

  1. Yesterday I saw a woman there interviewed who was pregnant with her fourth child living in very modest surroundings and thought about birth control! Where is the common sense? I don’t think the men will abstain from sex for the next two years!

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  2. I have thought since the Zika story started being told that things might get interesting in the abortion wars as a result of this virus. Time will tell. But the church hasn’t cared about women for a very long time — why start now?

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  3. Here’s the low down:

    In MOST Latin American & Caribbean countries abortion is illegal and when it is performed it is 95% unsafe!

    Click to access IB_AWW-Latin-America.pdf

    BUT the Zika virus cannot be detected UNTIL after the second trimester, if the pregnant woman is even tested.

    “Unfortunately, an ultrasound usually cannot detect microcephaly before the end of the second trimester. Some women also should have amniocentesis to test the fluid around the fetus for Zika virus. But amniocentesis involves piercing the amniotic sac with a long needle through the abdomen; it is slightly risky for the fetus and is not recommended before 15 weeks gestation.”


    Also, the Latin American & Caribbean countries are super religious. Anything that happens is god’s will. And whatever is god’s will is supposed to happen and be accepted joyfully in one’s heart (not my belief, but the belief of billions of people).

    Did you know that the infant dolls for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) (the manikins) classes are MICROCEPHALIC? Yes, the doll’s heads are proportionately too small and not realistic. I believe they have made these infant dolls with small heads to save on production costs … my point being, is that practicing on the manikins for infant CPR is like practicing on the infant effected with the Zika virus, having a microcephalic head!

    And … did you know that the Zica (yes, with the letter “C”) car is going to be renamed???? (see link below)


    That’s all I know, as I plan my trip to the Carribean … I don’t have a uterus so there won’t be any pregnancy in my baby house … I ain’t go no baby house thanks to my hysterectomy! Booya for me! 😉

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