Steven Wright—My Idol

A number of years ago, I created about 100 ATCs, also known as artist trading cards. Each one is the size of a playing card and mine were little collages that illustrated funny quotes.

One of my favorite sources for these usually absurd observations was the comedian Steven Wright. Woody Allen was another. Woody’s style was the nebbishy guy who angsted about sex and death a lot. Steven was just plain off the wall. That’s why I love him.

Today I came across an interview with him about his joke writing style on New York Magazine’s website.  The interviewer asked him if he had a favorite joke.

This is what he said:

I do have a favorite, but it’s not the general public’s favorite. It’s kind of long. It had to do with: I’m going to my grandfather’s wake. I kneeled down at the casket, and I’m looking at him in the casket, and I started thinking about the batteries in my flashlight. Then I said to my aunt, “Maybe he’s not dead, maybe he’s just in the wrong way.”

That’s my actual favorite one, but usually, when people ask me if I have a favorite one, I just say no. I don’t know why, it’s almost like a private thing.

I wish I had heard that one when I was creating my ATCs. That would have been a fun one to do.  *Dang*

Here’s a ten minute video of Steven’s comedy routine. I was pleased to recognize several of the jokes that I incorporated in my ATCs.

And below that are some of my Steven Wright inspired ATCs.  Enjoy!






2 thoughts on “Steven Wright—My Idol

  1. I remember when I found a cassette (back when those were still legal) of “I Have A Pony”. A kid with me said, “Oh, that’s that guy that says ‘Thanks'”. And I knew immediately who he meant. I listened to that cassette so many times I had it memorized.
    Wright has a funny story–not a joke–about the time he performed in a club with a revolving stage. A fight broke out in the back. He calmly went on with his act and every few minutes as the stage turned he could see how the fight was going.
    Fantastic cards, by the way. A friend was inspired by a Steven Wright joke: he found a postcard of the Earth, wrote, “Wish you were here” on it and mailed it to me.
    It’s one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever gotten.

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