Give. Me. A. Break.

“Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush says President Obama has missed out on the opportunity to promote his family as a model for others to follow.

Bush on Friday told the Faith and Family Presidential Forum at Bob Jones University that a strong family is the best way to fight poverty.

“This is a place where I think President Obama missed a real golden opportunity, because he has a stable family, loving children – great, balanced children from what I can tell – a strong relationship with his wife, and he could have shown that as a model for others to emulate,” he said, according to CNN. “And I don’t think he’s done it as much.”

The former Florida governor said the “public persona of the presidency has power” to influence the behavior of the public.”

Sure. When the Republican Neanderthals make “jokes” about Mrs. Obama’s appearance and kvell about the “inappropriate” clothing of Malia and Sasha. Or how they should be more respectful at the annual pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey.

Yeah. We need more of that.

3 thoughts on “Give. Me. A. Break.

  1. I agree with Mr. Bush’s observations, but in fact the Obama family has been on display all along. That’s how he was able to get his impression of them! Does he think they should instead be in clumsy propaganda commercials, like the Cruz kids?

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  2. Jeb is only harping on Obama’s family because his own is such a tremendous embarrassment. Aside from W’s trashing of the White House consider the many terrible things Barbara Bush has said, and remember that those things would never have gotten the attention they did if she weren’t the wife and mother of two presidents.

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  3. So the wild underage drinking Bush twins were role models for the country? Jeb’s nieces who tried to use other people’s IDs to buy booze. They of the drunken partying?

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