11 thoughts on “And We Think We’re So Important

  1. Something else to consider: spatial distances are so huge even light takes a measurable amount of time to reach us. We’re approximately eight light minutes from the Sun so we’re really only seeing it as it was eight minutes ago.
    If you were on Pluto the same light from the Sun would take almost seven hours to reach you.
    If you look up at the night sky and see the Pleiades you’re seeing light that’s been zooming through space since Galileo was a young man.
    The Hubble deep field picture captures images of galaxies that existed before our Sun even formed.
    And this tiny little speck out in space is the only home we’ve got.

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  2. Frickin’ amazing! Thank YOU for sharing!

    Whatever problems we have are not important … your problems as big as they are in your own mind are so small … the universe will keep going on without you (and me) for millions and millions of years. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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