Glenn Beck’s Fever Dream

Radio host Glenn Beck is urging GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to team up to oppose Donald Trump.
 Beck called for a ticket of “Ted Cruz for president, Marco Rubio as vice president,” on his radio show Wednesday, according to The Blaze. Beck has already endorsed Cruz for president.
 The radio host laid out a plan for other prominent GOP figures to align themselves with a Cruz-Rubio team.
 “Say our Supreme Court nominee is Mike Lee,” Beck said, suggesting the Utah senator as a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.
 “Rand Paul is going to be Treasury secretary. Ben Carson, we’re going to back you with everything we have to take Rubio’s Senate seat. How is that not a win for absolutely everybody?”
Somebody needs to check Glenn for the Zika virus because he’s clearly hallucinating.
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3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Fever Dream

  1. Ah yes the morning shock jock from Arizona is now the guru of right wing politics.
    Some how that is appropriate.
    He made a name (however small) for himself being outrageous on air.
    Some things and people never change.

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  2. The delicious irony of all this is that for decades Republicans have been telling us that “government insiders” are untrustworthy, that greed is good, and that aggressive posturing is a virtue and nuance is a vice.
    In other words Trump is their own creation.
    And it’s also pretty funny that Glenn Beck’s endorsement is the only thing that’s worth less than his personal financial investments.

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