Lock Up Your Textbooks, Here Comes Mary Lou

From The Daily Kos–written by Hunter:

“Texas Republicans’ drive to find the stupidest people in the state and elect them to office seems, if anything, to be picking up steam.

[Republican Mary Lou Bruner] received 48 percent of the vote in a three-person GOP primary for a seat on the Texas State Board of Education this Tuesday, falling just short of the 50 percent needed to claim victory. She will compete in a May runoff election against Keven Ellis, a chiropractor and city school board president who earned 31 percent of the vote.

Some things that Mary Lou Bruner has stated she believes: Obama used to be a gay prostitute. Climate change is a hoax promoted by the communists and, specifically, by Karl Marx himself. Slavery is not the reason for the American Civil War, but we have been led to think that through a conspiracy by historians who “waited until all of the people who were alive during the Civil War and the Restoration died of old age.” School shootings started only after “the schools started teaching evolution.” That there may have been dinosaurs on Noah’s ark, and the reason there are no dinosaurs now is that Noah only brought baby dinosaurs that starved to death when he let them loose back on land.

Presuming that Texas Republicans do not find their long-lost sense of shame between now and this May—and evidence that they will is sparse—she is likely to become one of the most powerful people in America when it comes to content of the textbooks Texas children, and therefore children in quite a few other states besides, find on their desks in coming years.

An openly raving Damn Lunatic. It may be time to consider walling the state of Texas off. I am not ruling out an airlift to rescue the remaining sane people.”

Me first.


10 thoughts on “Lock Up Your Textbooks, Here Comes Mary Lou

  1. “Obama used to be a gay prostitute.” WHAT?! No way this lady can have this many bizarre thoughts and people take her seriously. This is sheer madness.

    Maybe Obama was a gigolo (Ha! The thought!) but a gay one?! This lady is off her rocker … or her meds … or her aluminum foil hat is too tight. I’m going Google this chick because this is so bizarre.

    Yeah, Texas, I live in the blueberry part of this red state myself! So when you get that airlift going, let me know — you might have company!

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  2. PS: I really don’t care if Obama did dabble the other way. Who cares? What does this have to do with the price of Saffron in Iran? The tea in China? Some people are so focused on tearing up other individuals that REAL issues go ignored and we are forced to listen to all this distracting dribble.


  3. I think that brain scans should be mandatory for anyone running for office. Of course in her case it may be an empty scan.
    Seriously The Donald may be in early stages of Alzheimer’s.
    We have gone that route before.

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  4. I’m focusing solely on the evolution stuff because it amazes me how many of these people claim to know the Bible and don’t know that God told Noah to take two of every unclean animal and seven of every clean animal so the family would have a steady supply of meat on their long journey.

    That’s right, folks. We don’t have dinosaurs because Noah’s family ate them. And we’ll never know what a delicious casserole unicorns made.

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    • People I love live in Texas too. (Including me.) But you have to admit that this woman is a danger not only to education here in Texas but also to the nation in general because Texas is the largest textbook buyer and what gets in our textbooks gets in everybody else’s too. Mary Lou’s brain is a threat to us all.

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  5. What I always wonder is, Why does Texas have such power over all the textbooks published in the United States? In this day and age, when you can self-publish on Amazon while wearing your pajamas, why do we let textbook publishers say they can’t possibly offer anything other than what Texas approves?

    And don’t even get me started about all the money being made by The College Board and other purveyors of standardized tests.

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