And There You Have It in a Nutshell


Donald Trump says he’s an extremely smart person. Now we know where he gets all those smarts:

“Anger has been boiling over at Mr.Trump’s rallies over the last week. On Saturday a protester jumped over a barrier and rushed the stage where Mr. Trump was speaking.

Later on Saturday, Mr. Trump posted a tweet with a video, set to Arabic music, showing someone appearing to be the stage-rusher dragging an American flag. Mr. Trump accused the man of having ties to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

The video was apparently fake, but Mr. Trump insisted on Sunday that it raised questions about the protester.

“Supposedly, there was chatter about ISIS,” Mr. Trump said. “All I know is what’s on the internet.”

7 thoughts on “And There You Have It in a Nutshell

  1. Trump is certainly devious. According to the smart Rachel Maddow, it appears Trump orchestrated the Chicago scene. He was never advised by the police to cancel. He did it without any outside counsel or advice, knowing the protesters would be there and knowing his people would be pissed that the rally was canceled and create a scene. His pants are so on fire.

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  2. Until Trump’s inconsistencies, leaps of logic, and streams of caustic consciousness cost him, he’s going to continue. “All I know is what’s on the internet.” is fodder to his followers, and disabuses them to consider any counter narrative to his proffer.

    “Supposedly, there was “chatter about ISIS,” with a +”anything” search will garner what…about a million hits… which just serve as a quantitative truth to the Tump punk palaver pack of meaningful political discourse.

    Sorry about all the alliterations, but dogging Trump leads one to doggerel, and until the media puts a lid on Id on this Donald idiocy, I’ll wallow in all the woof tickets. See what I mean.



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