Ted Cruz, Weasel in Chief

From Politico:

“Ted Cruz was put on the defensive for his proposal to patrol Muslim neighborhoods as he went on a media blitz Wednesday morning.

On CBS “This Morning” Tuesday, Cruz again cited the initiative that de Blasio ended. But host Norah O’Donnell pushed back.

“This raises a lot of civil liberty concerns. Let me ask you, how many Muslims are in America?” O’Donnell asked.

“I don’t know the number off the top of my head,” Cruz responded.

“So you’re saying that law enforcement should survey the number of Muslims, and you don’t know how many Muslims are in America? There are 3 million Muslims in America. Law enforcement is overwhelmed,” O’Donnell said.  “We have a chief of police, one of the most respected chiefs of police who was here earlier and said there are no Muslim neighborhoods. It’s not like Europe, it doesn’t exist that way. It’s impractical what you’re suggesting. Also, it doesn’t suggest it would lead to anything. It’s more of a political point you’re making.”


5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz, Weasel in Chief

  1. Part of me wants to know what Cruz’s response to that was and part of me knows it was a lot of meaningless and weaselly yammering.
    Although I’d kind of like to phrase the question differently: “Senator Cruz, do you think all American Muslims should be treated as potential criminals and put under constant surveillance?”
    Sadly I know he wouldn’t hesitate to say “Oh yes!”

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