Yes. Let’s Go Back to the “Good Old Days.”

From a Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin:

As Trump spoke, some listened. Peggy Sue Metz, 47, a trucking dispatcher from Rockton, Illinois, lamented not making it inside and being forced to share the sidewalk with the protesters, who she suspected, were raised with the values of unionized schoolteachers rather than those of their own parents. “It would be nice go back to the days when the father worked and could support five kids and the mother could stay home and raise the kids properly,” she said.

In other words, Donald Trump will make sure women stay pregnant and in the kitchen if he’s elected.



5 thoughts on “Yes. Let’s Go Back to the “Good Old Days.”

  1. By all means let’s go back to the old days. Like when my grand father was crippled in a coal mine cave in. No Social security or workmans’ comp.
    My father and his seven siblings worked at any thing to help the family survive. My grand mother raised,canned etc. all their food. Took in washings.
    Still all but one of the children graduated from high school. A real accomplishment in those days. The other son lied his age and joined the navy.
    Ah yes the good old days. If you could survive them.

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  2. Instead of pining for these nonexistent good old days why don’t we work toward a future where the minimum wage is a living wage? Something tells me whatever Peggy Sue Metz makes it’s barely enough for a single person, let alone a family, to get by on.

    And she can thank those terrible unions for the fact that there is a minimum wage.

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