Quick, Someone Get Lil’ Marco a Dictionary!

Marco Rubio on engaging Chris Christie in the debates:

“I don’t think it impacted voters, but I do think it impacted media coverage in the days leading up to the New Hampshire vote, which I think ultimately hurt us. I think we would have finished very strongly in New Hampshire had it not been for that, and it might have led to a different outcome in South Carolina and maybe changed the directory of the race.”

Trajectory, directory. Who cares? It’s all just a bunch of words anyway. Damned elites.


One thought on “Quick, Someone Get Lil’ Marco a Dictionary!

  1. Oh wise Winky, politicians don’t use dictionaries; they simply make stuff up to suit their purposes. I’m voting for you. . . however, I don’t know which litter box you’d need to use here in North Carolina.

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