Trump’s “Telepromter”Snoozer

From The Daily Kos:

“The result was a Trump who followed his own predictions of what it means to be “presidential.” He was wooden. He occasionally worked his way carefully through a word with more than two syllables. His attacks on Clinton were limited to less energetic versions of the same charges he has leveled in the past. In short, he was completely defanged.

This morning, Trump is back on his Twitter feed. The straight jacket has been removed from his ego and it’s rampaging in all its insane glory against anyone who participated in condemning Trump’s racist tirades.

Nobody is watching @Morning_Joe anymore. Gone off the deep end – bad ratings. You won’t believe what I am watching now!

Just what is he watching now?

Paint dry? The direct feed from Loompaland? Flies being de-winged by his own tiny fingers?

One thing he’s not watching: Donald Trump’s speech. Not only was it a snoozer, it was roundly ignored by the media. Now there’s a Trump theme we could use more often.”

2 thoughts on “Trump’s “Telepromter”Snoozer

  1. You won’t believe what I am watching now!
    Having abandoned the teleprompter Trump started adding clickbait lines to all his speeches.
    “This one weird trick will make America great again!” he said to muffled, confused applause. He then added, “My wife drops jaws! Proves I am a lucky man!” Audiences were unsure how to respond when he then said, “The camera just kept rolling!”
    A man who was detained for attempting to climb on the stage said, “I didn’t want to hurt him. I just wanted to find out what the weight loss method is that doctors hate.”

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