Telling It Like It Ain’t

From The Daily Kos–written by Dr. RJ

“However, when murders are committed by white Americans, the crimes are considered unfortunate aberrations. We won’t have serious discussions about the state of mental healthcare in this country whereby a school full of kids are murdered, or the racial divisions which fuel an asshole to shoot up a church, or how treating any minority group as an “other” can stoke hate. Instead, we’re left with insane debates about the role of video games, or insinuations the victims share the blame in their own deaths. There were no Trump tweets demanding new security measures or asking white America to explain itself after the Sandy Hook massacre or the Charleston church shooting. And that’s because, for the people who say they support Trump’s arguments and mentality, there’s a tendency to think white killers must have been “influenced” in some way to go bad, where people of color are inherently dangerous. A clear example of this sort of thinking can be seen in the recent controversy over the Stanford sexual assault, and how there was in some ways a search for excuses to explain away a rape. Does anyone really believe that if Brock Turner was a poor black kid, or he was the child of immigrants and named Muhammad Baqir, a court would of given him 6 months?

And therein lies the rub of arguing political correctness. This is not a situation where people are being silenced from expressing an opinion. These are cases where stupid opinions are being called stupid and the stupid people who said them don’t want to own up to their stupidity, or confront the implications of what they actually believe. Because whether we call ISIS “radical Islamic terrorists” or murderous schmucks of the East in official correspondence makes not one Goddamn difference to our overall strategic position. And those that think it does are idiots. Therefore, the failure to use a three-word phrase of choice is not a sign of weakness or political correctness—it’s a recognition that our bombs and special forces are more likely to achieve a favorable result than an asshole with bad hair and small hands spewing nonsense.”

Okay. Your turn!

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