Dear America…

Last night Donald Trump grabbed you by the pussy and you let him do it because he’s a star. I thought you were better than that, but apparently I was wrong.

Now, he’s going to have to deliver on all of his promises: to build a 2,000 mile long wall along the border and make Mexico pay for it; to single-handedly resuscitate a dead coal industry and bring back manufacturing jobs that have left the building long ago, much like Elvis; to tear up trade treaties and climate change pacts, while ignoring the fact that Florida (which he won) will be underwater in the not too distant future; to round up and deport 11 million illegal immigrants, “humanely” by means of a deportation force; to repeal and replace the ACA with…something…causing 21 million people to lose their insurance coverage; to prosecute his political opponent so y’all can “lock her up”; to open up the libel laws so he can sue anyone who says something about him that he doesn’t like; to kick the shit out of ISIS…somehow differently than the way we’re successfully kicking them now; to put justices on the Supreme Court who will show those uppity wimmen who’s boss when it comes to control of their own uteruses; to make everyone say “Merry Christmas,” even though they may not be a *Christian* as he opportunistically says he is.

The list goes on.

I hope you’re happy today. But, not unlike Brexit, when buyer’s remorse sets in later–don’t come crying to me.

I’m done.


7 thoughts on “Dear America…

  1. Well said. Thanks. When Black Americans were the victims, they were told to just work harder and stop whining. Now it is the white American male. Interesting.
    Just work harder guys. Right?

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  2. I am so terrified and I am not even American nor do I live in America but I know that this decision made by Americans is going to affect the whole world whether or not we live in America or are Americans, we can only hope and pray that he would not fulfil those ‘promises’ of his.

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  3. Persevere, my friends. Don’t give up. Keep fighting intolerance, injustice and ignorance. Let your voice be heard. Please don’t be “done”, keep writing, informing us, educating us and most importantly making us laugh. We really need that now.

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    • I’m almost 70 years old. I never thought we would still be fighting the battle for women’s reproductive rights in the year 2016. I thought I knew America as a country that was “big-hearted” and generous. The America we have this day after electing a xenophobic, misogynous, racist to the highest office in the land is unrecognizable to me. And make no mistake, Vladimir Putin is doing his happy dance right now.

      I have been glued to my computer every day for the better part of a year, toggling back and forth between political websites, trying to make some sense of it all. I’m tired. I need to do something positive for myself, for my soul. Maybe go back to the artistic things I enjoyed doing in the past before I became swept up in this nightmare that will continue for the next four to eight years–or beyond. If this man is what the American people want, then so be it. Whatever happens to us as a consequence of this choice will be exactly what we deserve.

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