9 thoughts on “One of These Things Is Not Like The Others. One of These Things Just Doesn’t Belong.

  1. Yes, the middle one. The middle one didn’t praise Castro and his legacy, the other two did. The middle one runs a country that was riddled with terrorist attacks, from 911 to the pipe bombs in NY and the club shooting in Orlando, and the other two are not generally not targets of terrorism. The middle one runs a superpower, and has to keep one of the largest economies in the world going, and is the largest financier of NATO and probably the UN, and the other two are not. The middle one runs a country in which refugees swarm across the border because there are jobs and consumers located here, while the other two do not. The middle one runs a country with the population of over 300 millions, while the one on the left runs a country of 35 million and the one on the right heads a country of 100 million. That’s right, Justin, the golden boy, has just 35 million people to take care of in the whole of Canada, sea to shining sea. If you don’t see the difference between these 3 countries, then I’m a bit sad.


    • The middle one is a xenophobic, narcissistic misogynist who has alienated America’s allies across the world while embracing Vladimir Putin, all in the space of less than two weeks. He has plans to roll back consumer protections against predatory lending by banks; he wants to take away over 40 years of women’s reproductive rights in the name of “religious freedom”; also in the name of “religious freedom,” he wants to allow people to be able to discriminate based on “deeply held” religious beliefs. (I have a deeply held belief in the Tooth Fairy, so I should be free to discriminate against anyone who thinks that’s bunk.) The middle one ran on a populist agenda, yet his cabinet is stocked with Wall St. billionaires who want to screw the middle class without even a kiss first. The middle one doesn’t like to read and gets his info. from Fox News, Breitbart and the noted conspiracy theorist, Alex Stone, who believes Sandy Hook was a false flag operation. Oh, and refugees are not “swarming” over the border. They have to go through a two year vetting period. I think you have them confused with the illegal aliens who also are not “swarming” over the border. Yes, one of these things is not like the others and America is going to suffer for it.

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  2. I proudly reside in the inclusive, not derisive, country governed by the so-called golden boy, Justin. While our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not be perfect, he does exemplify our Canadian values and multiculturalism, encourages and celebrates religious freedom, stands proudly BESIDE his wife, and, as a feminist, made certain his ministerial cabinet included equal numbers of female/male representation.

    I am incredibly proud to reside in a country that embraces people from all walks of life, offers FREE healthcare, opens its borders to refugees, supports a woman’s right to choose, frowns up discrimination, celebrates our LGBT community, is known on the world’s stage as an ally not a foe, has strict gun laws, and, and, and … AND, we were this way long before the golden boy arrived on the scene.

    Do we have room for improvement? You betcha. There are several areas we need to move forward with and improve on – our indigenous people for one – but at least we’re moving forward. We’re not turning the clocks backward and taking away over 40+ years of hard fought progressive freedoms.

    Perhaps there is reason we aren’t riddled with terrorist attacks and generally aren’t targets of terrorism ….. perhaps we are the way we are because we are inclusive and multicultural.

    I don’t have all the answers, that’s for sure. But, what I am sure of, is that ‘I. Am. Canadian.’ and damn proud of it. 🇨🇦

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