Remember the Porta-Potty!

On the eve of a committee hearing on his anti-transgender bathroom bill, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick compared the fight for passage of the measure to the Battle of the Alamo.

Patrick made the comments during a Monday briefing for pastors hosted by the Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group, at the headquarters of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a corporate-funded right-wing think tank.

Addressing the bathroom bill, Senate Bill 6, Patrick called on pastors to “go out and win this fight for America.” He added that “a strong America depends on a strong Texas,” and said SB 6 is about “Texas values.”

“Today, on this day, 189 people sacrificed their lives at the Alamo because they believed in something,” Patrick said, referring to the pivotal battle that ended on this day, March 6, in 1836.

“We’re not asked to give our lives. We’re not asked to grab our guns. We’re just asked to go cast courageous votes,” Patrick said. “And in the Senate, thank God, I think we have the votes to get out of committee and get off the Senate floor, but we have to get it all the way to the governor’s desk.”  

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4 thoughts on “Remember the Porta-Potty!

  1. This guy is full of B@## S%*!!!!!
    Please let’s vote this moralistic poop head out of office as soon as we can. All the issues facing our great state and his interest is in who goes into which bathroom.😕😔😝😟😣😛😠😨💩

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  2. Oh good God. This is beyond ridiculous to see where we are headed as a nation. People have been using the bathroom of their choice for years. They just didn’t know it or think about it unless they were transgender aware. Comparing this to the Alamo is insane.

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  3. Sweet alabaster baby Jesus. What is UP with these morons?I guarantee he has used a bathroom with a transgendered person a dozen times and didn’t know it because IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL!
    Also, does this dude remember that everyone in the Alamo died? Oh, and also that they lacked public restrooms? Or is he trying to say that he knows every one of him and his bigot cronies are going to die fighting an unwinnable battle after spending their entire lives shitting in a trench they had to dig themselves?

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