Slippery Tom Price Wants to Sell You Some Snake Oil

“This bill that’s moving through Congress right now is simply the first step,” Price said. “Every American will have access to the kind of coverage that they want.”
Pressed by Tapper on the point that access to coverage is different than actually having coverage, Price said the GOP plan would lower the costs of insurance and increase options while overhauling Medicaid, which is geared toward lower-income people and those with disabilities.
Sure. I have “access” to a gold plated yacht, but that doesn’t mean I can afford it.
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2 thoughts on “Slippery Tom Price Wants to Sell You Some Snake Oil

  1. So funny because just yesterday I told my husband that he reminded me of a snake oil salesman or a carnival barker. Oh, speaking slick, slithery things, I heard Trump say something about taking care “of our people” like we live behind the big house, but he’s gonna look out for us. After he takes care of HIS people, of course.

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