Newt Gingrich—Windbag Extraordinare

From CNN:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Friday that it’s impossible for President Donald Trump to obstruct justice because of the fact that he’s president.

“Technically, the President of the United States cannot obstruct justice,” Gingrich said at the National Press Club in an event to promote his new book, “Understanding Trump.” “The President of the United States is the chief executive officer of the United States. If he wants to fire the FBI director, all he’s got to do is fire him.”However, Gingrich himself has in the past voted to impeach a president over such charges. While speaker of the House, Gingrich voted in 1998 to impeach President Bill Clinton on charges of obstruction of justice and perjury.

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One thought on “Newt Gingrich—Windbag Extraordinare

  1. Newtie (as his mother called him) managed to do plenty of obstructionist behavior when he was in Congress. Due primarily to his efforts, civility, compromise, and courtesy were set aside. I don’t know why news organizations still interview him–except for FOX, of course. He’s their kind of guy.

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