Ah, Sweet Revenge

So, y’all remember that time during the presidential campaign when Donald Trump said he didn’t consider John McCain a hero because he “likes people who weren’t captured?”

Yeah. I remember it too. And I’m sure John McCain remembered it last night when he cast the deciding vote to put a stake through the heart of the “skinny-ass repeal” bill no Republican senator actually wanted to become law.

Granted, McCain is no fan of Obamacare. He was practically dragged out of his deathbed by fellow Republicans to come to the Senate to save their sorry-ass bill so it could pass further along (as Andrew Sullivan wrote in New York Magazine today, “…like a kidney stone through the constitutional system.”)

But McCain hated this monstrosity too because it was the antithesis of how a bill should be passed.  Plus, he didn’t trust that Ayn Randian accolyte, Paul Ryan, when he said he could control his House members enough to keep them from passing this turd.

Sure, Paul. [insert eyeroll]

And then there’s the lovely Lisa Murkowski. I’m beginning to be a fan of hers. Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of the Interior, tried to put the ham-handed squeeze on her because she’d previously voted “no” for advancing the bill to the Senate floor for debate.

The Alaska Dispatch News on Thursday reported that Zinke had called Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, both Republicans, on Wednesday. He warned them that Murkowski’s vote on Tuesday against a motion to begin debate on the healthcare overhaul could have negative consequences for energy and land use in Alaska, the newspaper said. Murkowski’s no vote forced Vice President Mike Pence to cast a tie-breaking vote to pass the motion by a 51-50 ballot.

But Zinke failed to note that Murkowski is basically his boss. So Zinke didn’t reckon with this happening, as per CNN:

Murkowski chairs the Senate energy and natural resources committee and frequently references Alaska priorities in her position. She also oversees the confirmation process for the Interior Department.
A committee hearing on nominations to the Department of Interior and Department of Energy that was scheduled for Thursday was postponed Wednesday afternoon without a determined reschedule date.
Murkowski told CNN Thursday that the nominations vote was delayed just to work out a “little bump.”
Well played, Lisa. And well played, John McCain.
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