Roy Moore’s Smoking Gun…Er…Yearbook


“Stay as sweet as you are, dollface. And never forget that I’m 30 and a district attorney and you’re just a kid whom no one would believe.”


Image result for roy moore yearbook


4 thoughts on “Roy Moore’s Smoking Gun…Er…Yearbook

  1. growing up, i remember some 30-something dude who used to hang out at the roller skating rink that was full of pre-teens, teens on a Friday night. i have absolutely no doubt that he was a creeper…if not a pedophile.

    they’ve always been there – we just need to out the m-f’ers…

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  2. And his response to the accusations was that he had never dated a girl without asking her mother’s permission. News flash, creepo: When you are in your 30s, the people you date should not have to ask for their parents’ permission.

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