Straight From the Horse’s Patootie

From Politico:

Still, in six months, if Trump finds out he was wrong about Kim, the president conceded he would never say so.

“I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that,” he said. “I’ll find some kind of excuse.”

Of course he will.

The new Trump/Kim summit challenge coin.

2 thoughts on “Straight From the Horse’s Patootie

  1. 😱 How much longer before he manages to screw up the entire world?! I cannot believe we are letting a lunatic run wild with no checks and balances–without study, background, or knowledge. I wake every morning with a knot in my stomach, wondering what he has fouled up now. I don’t understand how this can continue. Do Republicans have no concept of empathy. . . no thought of “How would I feel if Obama had acted accordingly?” If a Democrat is elected for President next time, just what rules would be left that Strumpf hasn’t already broken?

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    • Unless they’re already leaving D.C., no Republican dares speak out. They’re afraid they will be “primaried” by rabid Trump supporters. If a Democrat had done 1/1000th of what he’s done in office so far, they would have set their hair on fire.

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