“The Mooch” Has It Exactly Right

Anthony Scaramucci’s tweet about Trump’s horrible family separation policy—

“You can’t simultaneously argue that family separation isn’t happening, that it’s being used as a deterrent, that the Bible justifies it and that it’s @TheDemocrats fault. @POTUS is not being served well by his advisors on this issue,” Scaramucci tweeted on Monday afternoon.

Image result for the mooch

2 thoughts on ““The Mooch” Has It Exactly Right

  1. The Mooch!! How I miss him… He would be so much for fun than the feckless Sarah whatever her name is. And of course Cadet Bonespurs can hold all of those contradictions together and be believable…to his base who honestly must be dumber than rocks. I don’t normally say stuff like that, but seriously???

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