“The Ship Be Sinking.”

From Charles P. Pierce at Esquire magazine:

“This is a mortal blow to the administration*, which may stagger around for a year or so before it falls over and crushes people, but there is no way I can see that this gets any better for the president* or the people around him. The president* and his fixer paid off Stormy Daniels, and also paid off a tabloid media company, in order to bury stories about the president*’s wandering Donald, and did so in direct violation of even those campaign finance laws that Anthony Kennedy left in place. That’s an open admission of a crime involving the President* of the United States and, as CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin pointed out, that’s something that never happened even during Watergate.  In the immortal words of Micheal Ray Richardson, the ship be sinking.”

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of rats.

Image result for rats leaving a sinking ship

3 thoughts on ““The Ship Be Sinking.”

  1. He will deny everything even when he’s in his orange jumpsuit (that will go so well with his orange hair…) and behind bars with the rest of his cronies. One meme…”Trump says the stock market will crash if he’s impeached but experts are saying that the sale of champagne and party hats will more than make up for the financial losses.” I’ll drink to that!

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